Traditionally, project managers would rely on faith in their employees and their machinery to ensure that they achieve optimal results. Even scarier is the amount of faith that businesses invested in the intelligence, observatory and analytical skills of the human being. However, critical details are often “missed” or overlooked by the human eye and can ultimately cost a business in massive lost revenue, due to preventable mishaps or unnecessary delays.

By using AI, Pragmatic Master has made it possible to eliminate human error and the cost it incurs. We provide drones and robotics solutions that are integrated with breakthrough AI software that enables them to tally and inspect specific items of interest in an operation, as well as detect even the slightest variations in plans and details. AI also makes it possible for us to integrate machine learning to optimise data collection and distribution. This means our clients will never find themselves “blindsided “by human error again.


  • High-end, neural network processing of imaging and analytics for security and other types of cameras.
  • Intelligently monitor workplace safety and compliance
  • Predictive maintenance and forecasting
  • Prompts autonomous action once a detection occurs
  • Chatbots that allow for 24 hour response to any question

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