Drone & AI innovating Construction Management

Construction Project Management is a professional service to plan, design and oversee a construction project from inception to completion. This service involves constant visits to remote construction sites and going through countless reports weekly. The introduction of mobile phones has allowed site managers to capture images of separate section of the construction site. Though this has allowed for the entire team to have some visuals of the construction project, no-one has a holistic view of the entire construction site and data analysis is non-existent.

Drone Technology and Artificial Intelligence has enabled multiple industries to automate and gather more data faster and more precise. This has been true for Construction Management as well. Using drone technology, management and the executive team are able to visually assess any project, and make commentary on specific parts of the development. The entire team is able to engage on one mapping platform or video.

The added benefits of other professional services such as beneficiary management, task management, financial management are able to be embedded on one platform.

Drone technology alone will not enhance the efficiency of construction projects hence the combination of AI and Drones ensures each project can run smoothly with minimum management interventions.

Pragmatic Master is robotics as a service company that uses sensory data collected data from robots in order to provide superior data. We have developed multiple solutions in order to enhance any data collected from drones. Drone image processing is the initial stage of the analysis. Secondly, insight data is collected such as the elevations of the site. Lastly, Pragmatic Master uses machine learning tools to detect and classify object. All of the data processed is accessible from a proprietary data platform in order for our clients to manage and collaborate on projects. Using Drones and AI our clients are able to

  1. view the progress of any project in real time.
  2. easily report back on progress to multiple stakeholders
  3. capture quality control, especially on inaccessible areas
  4. have a permanent record of the a specific development stage

Robotics technology is the modern, low-cost solution to monitoring and providing advanced insights into every manner of project, from construction and farming to mining and game ranching. Camera-mounted drones, flying overhead, or ground-based robots have the capacity to generate huge amounts of data and images, which can be analysed and shared to provide specific detail on a project’s activities, progress and challenges. This enables project managers to eliminate inefficiencies, take pre-emptive action if necessary, and plan accordingly.Visit our website for more information. Pragmatic Master


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