Drones have become extremely valuable tools in a growing range of industries, because of their limitless yet cost-effective aerial perspective, and their unique ability to gather precise data that enables you to make informed, risk-mitigating business decisions.

As drones evolve, so too does the digital analysis software that converts drone imagery and/or video footage into valuable information for practitioners across industries.

This information can then be used in a range of applications, including building construction, mining operations, land and agriculture or game farm surveillance, thermal mapping and security monitoring.

Our service includes drone commissioning, as well as cutting edge analysis of drone-captured images and/or video footage, tailor-made to your industry and requirements.

Drones For Construction

Drones have begun changing the way the construction industry operates, greatly reducing the labour, cost and time involved in producing accurate surveys. Drones have the ability to capture necessary data in much less time than traditional methods, providing accurate information and all but eliminating the need for manual labour in the process.


  • Close monitoring and control of the site
  • Vast areas can be covered, rapidly and efficiently
  • Safe surveillance of high risk/hard-to-reach places
  • Manage projects using aerial visual maps
  • Plan ahead using current visual data
  • Before and after maps can be viewed as development continues
  • Overlay design diagrams on maps
  • Manage each structure on the project site, eg., quality assurance by inspecting every single structure
  • Instant detection of all elements on site, such as vehicles, personnel and building inventory
  • Using AI and advanced algorithms, drone images can be analysed to detect and count roofs, walls, foundations, workers, equipment etc.
  • Quick and easy annotation of a specific location on a project
  • Track a work progress timeline for a specific task, and on completion, relevant parties can be automatically notified.
  • Showcase project start and finish using 4K high resolution drone videos
  • Maintain security of the site, mitigating theft or vandalism.
  • Export data to third party software
  • Refresh out-of-date Google map data with weekly imagery

Managing construction projects has become an enormous task, resourcing, costing, rework, site progress, monitor safety, and most importantly keep stakeholders and clients informed at every level of construction.

Why Drones for Contractors

  • Ensure all work is done as per design, accurately
  • Reduce asbuilt designs going back and forth between contractors and engineers
  • Reduce construction material spend
  • Reduce the cost of rework
  • Reduce the time and cost of manual surveys for accuracy checks
  • Subcontractor management – minimize downtime on site by maintaining accountability
  • Site Managers can view the entire site holistically
  • Measure accurate progress, length of trenching, earthwork volumes, and area calculations without the need of surveyors
  • Assets management of developed servitudes and developed structures

Why Drones for Engineers

  • Track any diversions weekly
  • Overlay design plans on the drone map to verify placement of services and concrete pouring
  • Measure accurate progress, length of trenching, earthwork volumes, and area calculations without the need of surveyors
  • Track contours as construction is ongoing


Why Drones for Project Managers

  • Reduce time spent analyzing reports
  • Improve safety on site
  • Always have complete information
  • View progress holistically
  • Communicate efficiently with your team
  • Track workplans and tasks weekly on specific areas of the construction site
  • Site Planning
  • Manage all resources – Document Management on a specific area on your construction site. Approvals , budgets etc
  • Subcontractor management – minimize downtime on site by maintaining accountability
  • Minimize hours spent drafting reports
  • Minimize time spent collecting data from manual expensive ground points



Drones, and the powerful aerial data they deliver, are bringing cost and time-saving innovations to a variety of mining processes. Drones have the ability to scan a mining area and produce a 3D map much more quickly than traditional mapping methods, at a fraction of the cost. With drone generated images and data, you can quickly identify any existing or potential safety hazards, eg., areas that could cave in.


  • Unsafe areas are easily identified, allowing mine managers to accurately assess the risk to human life
  • Reduce the need for field surveys and lengthy manual calculations
  • Calculating stockpiles (Volumetrics) and extractions is simplified and accurate
  • Annotations can be provided to show where drilling or excavations should start, or where blasting should occur
  • Monitor progress of the mine with weekly flights and data
  • Use drone video to monitor minute-by-minute mine visuals
  • Inspect defects on mine roads or mine pits using advanced algorithms


Drone technology has given the agriculture industry a high-tech makeover, providing it with the easiest ever planning and strategy solutions based on real-time data gathering and processing. Drones are instrumental today in crop management, assisting with everything from soil analysis and crop spraying to irrigation and planting.


  • Tag problem areas on your farm
  • Track performance seasonally
  • Detect and analyse each plant group
  • Measure volumes and dimensions of each plant group
  • Detect defective plants needing attention
  • Stop infection before it destroys a crop
  • Manage water demand with visual notes and comments
  • Make annotations from your financial and auditing reports to add directly to your farm map
  • Track work week tasks, where to spray, where to plough, where to add fertilizer
  • Track farming equipment, ie., detecting and counting


  • End to End Aerial Data Platform
  • Consulting
  • Training and Education
  • RPA registration
  • Full SACAA safety kits
  • RPAS Operators Certificate
  • Deep Learning Analytics for Aerial Imagery
  • Flight Services
  • RPA  rental
  • Hosting Aerial Data
  • Survey Analytics
  • GIS Analytics
  • Aerial Data Automation
  • Aerial Data Machine Learning

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