Robotics As A Service

Robotics technology is the modern, low-cost solution to monitoring and providing advanced insights into every manner of project, from construction and farming to mining and game ranching. Camera-mounted drones, flying overhead, or ground-based robots have the capacity to generate huge amounts of data and images, which can be analysed and shared to provide specific detail on a project’s activities, progress and challenges. This enables project managers to eliminate inefficiencies, take pre-emptive action if necessary, and plan accordingly.

About Us

Pragmatic Master is a black-owned robotics service company that has developed specialised software to produce a range of analyses, geared to different industry applications.


We offer cutting edge drone, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that include visual recognition and object classification, as well as learning and problem solving.


Let Pragmatic Master help you manage your next project efficiently and cost effectively, eliminating the unknowns and allowing you to run a much tighter, cost saving operation.