AI Solutions

Traditionally, project managers would rely on faith in their employees and their machinery to ensure that they achieve optimal results. Even
scarier is the amount of faith that businesses invested in the intelligence, observatory and analytical skills of the human being. However,
critical details are often “missed” or overlooked by the human eye and can ultimately cost a business in massive lost revenue, due to preventable mishaps or unnecessary delays. By using AI, Pragmatic Master has made it possible

Drone Solutions

Drones have become extremely valuable tools in a growing range of industries, because of their limitless yet cost-effective aerial
perspective, and their unique ability to gather precise data that enables you to make informed, risk-mitigating business decisions.
As drones evolve, so too does the digital analysis software that converts drone imagery and/or video footage into valuable information for
practitioners across industries. This information can then be used in a range of applications, including building construction, mining
operations, land and agriculture or game farm surveillance, thermal mapping and security monitoring.
Our service includes drone commissioning, as well as cutting edge analysis of drone-captured images and/or video footage, tailor-made
to your industry and requirements.

Robotic Solutions

Robots are increasingly being used in a number of industries, as an efficient, cost-effective way to execute a project and mitigate risks. Pragmatic Master uses small, remodelled robots
on rugged wheels to provide close on-the-ground surveillance,
targeting hard-to-reach places such as sewers, lower roads or
tight spaces.

IOT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new wave of connectivity that goes beyond laptops and smartphones, to connected cars, smart homes, connected wearables, smart cities and connected healthcare. Basically a connected life. Pragmatic Master can infinitely enhance your management capabilities with its IoT devices, small surveillance computers that can provide detailed analysis that can be retrieved and streamed to any external source such as
an office PC or cellphone. Our IoT devices are custom made for each client and industry, and are made even more superior with the inclusion of AI.